Helium Tank Delivery

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

If you’ve chosen to use giant helium balloons, or even hundreds of small helium balloons, you might find it beneficial to rent a helium tank. Where a supermarket tank will fill about 50 balloons, you can get 800 or more balloons from a single cylinder.

A helium tank is good for Latex and Mylar balloons as well as the giant round, blimp or hot-air shaped varieties.

If you need the convenience of having a tank delivered, just ask the supplier.

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Marketing Success

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A successful marketing campaign is one that brings you new customers and encourages repeat customers as well. A campaign’s success is usually measured in return on investment, or ROI. To get the best ROI, of course, one needs to be careful of the cost of the advertising.

Another metric to consider is impressions per dollar. That is, how many people see your message vs. the cost of creating that message. Promo products are one option, but you have to get them into your customer’s hands somehow. Radio and TV are other options, but the cost can be staggering.

Consider giant balloons as a cost effective alternative. If you’ve wisely positioned your business on a busy street, then everyone driving past is a potential customer. Everyone that sees your giant balloon is an impression. Make a strong impression by choosing a balloon with a theme that matches your business. Giant Balloon Rental in Orlando, Florida can help you choose the right balloon for your promotion.

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The iconic searchlight has long been used to signify a major event. Hollywood uses them. Las Vegas hotels and casinos use them and YOU can use them too! Let the world know something of significance is happening and draw them to it.

Once you have them, get your message across to them using portable LED Signs. You have the choice of the orange traffic control sign style or the full color LEDs that can display your company logo and other branding images.

LED Signs and Searchlights make an excellent pair as part of your outdoor marketing system.

For those searching, you’ll occasionally see them referred to as “search lights”, “spot lights” or “spotlights”. No matter what you call them, these giant bulbs are attention grabbers!

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Giant helium balloons are like searchlights for the daytime. Whether you choose the round balloons or the helium advertising blimps, your audience will seem them from a great distance. Add a customer banner or pennant streamers for greater effect. Real Estate agents like the Hot Air Balloon shaped helium balloons as well. Choose a single balloon, or line up several giant helium balloons across the entire road frontage of your business. New Car Dealers love them!

With vibrant colors and over five feet in size, the Cloudbuster brand gives a stunning visual. Flying 100 feet in the air, trailing pennant flags, t’s like your business is suddenly 10 stories taller.

Pair them with a giant balloon animal or character to draw even more attention to your event or grand opening.

If you have an ongoing need for helium balloons, consider helium tank rental as well.

The ultimate outdoor advertising just might be the SkyTracker searchlight.

Made popular for movie premiers and celebrity appearances, searchlights are instantly recognized as an indication that there’s something big taking place, and everyone should check it out.

Though technically “spot light” refers to a piece of stage lighting, the term is often used to refer to these outdoor advertising lights.

So, you’ve gotten everyone’s attention with beams of light circling in the clouds, now what?

How about an L.E.D. sign?

With the standard orange signs like those used by highway construction crews, or full color like a miniature version of those electronic billboards that have become so popular, you can communicate directly with your customers as they draw near or drive by.

Searchlights and LED signs, quite possibly the perfect combination.

Cold air advertising balloons can be an excellent way of attracting attention to your store. They are commonly used for special events and can be paired up with giant helium balloons in the daytime and grand opening spotlights at night. There is an amazing assortment of shapes and characters to choose from. There’s the almost obvious “Hot” air balloon, the ubiquitous gorilla, dinosaurs,  fire breathing dragons, monster trucks, motorcycles, it’s endless. Some rental companies will actually have a custom balloon manufactured just for you.

Giant balloons aren’t limited to generic objects. There are also branded shapes and characters like a McDonald’s McCafe or the DQ Blizzard frozen drink cup oversized balloons, or a 10′ tall SpongeBob Squarepants balloon.

This author has the pleasure of working with just such a company, www.giantballoonrental.com. They are based out of Orlando, but serve all of central Florida.

This being my introductory post, I’ll keep it short.

There are many ways to advertise your business. You could rent a billboard, make a radio or T.V. commercial, or send out postcards, but sometimes you need the attraction to be right at the scene of the event, especially in an overstimulating environment like Orlando Florida. Giant balloons are perfect for just that situation. A 30 foot tall gorilla does not go un-noticed, nor does a 16 foot blimp hovering 100 feet above your store.

When conventional advertising just won’t do the job, sometimes a giant balloon is just the ticket.