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The iconic searchlight has long been used to signify a major event. Hollywood uses them. Las Vegas hotels and casinos use them and YOU can use them too! Let the world know something of significance is happening and draw them to it.

Once you have them, get your message across to them using portable LED Signs. You have the choice of the orange traffic control sign style or the full color LEDs that can display your company logo and other branding images.

LED Signs and Searchlights make an excellent pair as part of your outdoor marketing system.

For those searching, you’ll occasionally see them referred to as “search lights”, “spot lights” or “spotlights”. No matter what you call them, these giant bulbs are attention grabbers!

To find out how you can get portable LED signs and searchlights at your event,



Cold air advertising balloons can be an excellent way of attracting attention to your store. They are commonly used for special events and can be paired up with giant helium balloons in the daytime and grand opening spotlights at night. There is an amazing assortment of shapes and characters to choose from. There’s the almost obvious “Hot” air balloon, the ubiquitous gorilla, dinosaurs,  fire breathing dragons, monster trucks, motorcycles, it’s endless. Some rental companies will actually have a custom balloon manufactured just for you.

Giant balloons aren’t limited to generic objects. There are also branded shapes and characters like a McDonald’s McCafe or the DQ Blizzard frozen drink cup oversized balloons, or a 10′ tall SpongeBob Squarepants balloon.

This author has the pleasure of working with just such a company, They are based out of Orlando, but serve all of central Florida.