Marketing Success

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

A successful marketing campaign is one that brings you new customers and encourages repeat customers as well. A campaign’s success is usually measured in return on investment, or ROI. To get the best ROI, of course, one needs to be careful of the cost of the advertising.

Another metric to consider is impressions per dollar. That is, how many people see your message vs. the cost of creating that message. Promo products are one option, but you have to get them into your customer’s hands somehow. Radio and TV are other options, but the cost can be staggering.

Consider giant balloons as a cost effective alternative. If you’ve wisely positioned your business on a busy street, then everyone driving past is a potential customer. Everyone that sees your giant balloon is an impression. Make a strong impression by choosing a balloon with a theme that matches your business. Giant Balloon Rental in Orlando, Florida can help you choose the right balloon for your promotion.

Contact Giant Balloon Rental today.


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