Orlando Searchlight Rental

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Searchlight Rental Orlando

Some people call them Search Lights. Some people call them Spot Lights. We call them SkyTracker® Searchlights.

In the visual cacophony of Orlando, Florida, it takes something special to stand out. Giant Balloons and Full Color LED Signs are great when customers are already in front of your store, but if you want a grand event to be seen at night, from far away, a trailer mounted four beam 4KW searchlight system will do the trick. That’s not enough for you? Put a couple of single beam units on your roof for good measure! I’d say the sky’s the limit, but I don’t even think that applies here!

Florida Outdoor Advertising

SkyTracker® Searchlights are a great way to advertise your business in Orlando, Florida. Pair them up with Giant Helium Balloons and Helium Tank rental for the daytime and LED Signs to show potential customers what you have waiting for them.

Giant Balloon Rental is ready to help your outdoor advertising campaign succeed!

Specialty Balloon Advertising

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Among the various outdoor advertising products available to the business owner, giant balloons are on obvious choice.

For the various seasons, there are various themed balloons like the Patriotic Balloons shaped like an eagle or Uncle Sam or the American flag.

Sport balloons are great for both spring and fall, with footballs, soccer balls and baseballs.

Christmas time has a range of choices as well, including a candy cane striped air dancer, a 30 foot Christmas Tree balloon or an 18 or 25 foot Santa Clause holding your company’s banner.

Whatever event or season you’re promoting or representing, there’s sure to be a specialty or custom balloon to suit your needs.

TecBrat’s has released Outdoor Advertising Blog, a sub-topic on TecBrat’s Weebly page:

TecBrat has already published a piece on Giant Balloons and Searchlights as well as an article about the importance of summertime Patriotic Advertisements.

When you have the time, stop by TecBrat’s Weebly blog and see what else he has to say about marketing your business with Giant Balloons and other Outdoor Visual Ads.

Kissimmee Florida Advertising

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Kissimmee is a key tourism town in Florida. Outsiders may think that Orlando is the be–all and end–all for amusement park visitors, but the locals and statewide residents know better. Kissimmee offers easy access to the Disney parks, the Universal parks and SeaWorld.

Of course, for a business owner, this means there are a LOT of people around, looking for hotels, restaurants, souvenirs and miscellaneous merchandise.

This also means there are a lot of businesses trying to attract these customers. Do your best to bring them to your door with outdoor advertising with Giant Balloons, Color LED signs, and Helium Blimps.

The impression per dollar is excellent since to people are driving and walking past your store anyway. Get their attention and get their business.


Tampa Balloon Rental

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Tampa is a remarkable city, sitting just inland from the Gulf of Mexico, with St. Petersburg between them,  the city of Tampa is home to a successful NFL team, great dining and world class entertainment.

Business owners in Tampa know how to get customers, and one of those ways is to put a giant balloon in front of your business. You might try a single balloon for a day or a weekend, or you might have balloons, flailing tube men and LED signs creating a huge spectacle, bringing even more attention to your shop or event.

Tampa balloon rental company, Giant Balloon Rental, can provide all these outdoor advertising options for you anywhere in Florida.

Daytona Beach may only have around 61k residents, but when big events like Bike Week, Biketoberfest and the Daytona 500 come around, the population might swell upwards of half a million people.

To a business owner, that’s half a million potential customers, many of whom are in a spending mood.

If you want your share of that spending, you have to get those customers’ attention. Because of the festive atmosphere surrounding these events, and the fact that everyone is running here and there in the streets, one of the best methods of marketing to these crowds is with outdoor advertising.

Daytona Beach Balloon Rental (Giant Balloon Rental, out of Orlando) can provide all types of outdoor pieces. As the name implies, you can rent giant balloons. You can also purchase them, have custom balloons made, rent LED signs and searchlights.

We’ve all seen those flailing tube dancers whose wild motion demands attention! Giant Balloon Rental has those too!

If you’re looking for outdoor advertising in Jacksonville, check out Giant Balloon Rental, based in Orlando. GBR serves the entire state, so visit their website: giantballoonrental.com to see the wide selection of giant balloons including a variety of hot air balloon shaped inflatables and an array of specialty and character balloons.

Each balloon is available for sale or rent, and custom shapes can be made at the customer’s request.

In addition to the cold air balloons, you may choose a helium blimp, color LED sign or flailing tube man.

Whenever you need to reach your local customers, think GiantBalloonRental.com.